29th of May 2011

Its Sunday, just came from work, I had an interesting day today :).
Tomorrow there is no college am so excited....

28th of May 2011

It's Saturday....I am going to work in a bit.
I am going to take my maths book and revise in the shop.
It's going to be a long day today again till 8pm.

27th of May 2011

I had a really depressing day yesterday....I got a used present from my mate how sweet :)...also I had an argument with my girlfriend and the most important thing is my family, they didn't even get me a present :(.

26th of MAY!! 2011

It is my BIRTHDAY!! I hope it's going to be fun, but there is no plans for it, not even going out with mates :(.
After college I am going home then I am going to do a little celebration with family.

25th of May 2011

Its Wednesday I am excited for tomorrow, it's a big day :D.
My day is not going to be so great today because I have a maths lesson at 2pm then I am going to finish at 5pm.

24th of May 2011

Finally I am going to have a day off am stay at home :D
It's not so interesting becuase I cant relax, all I am going to do is just revise :( .

23rd of May 2011

It is Monday college time :).
I am going to have a long day at college today :( then go to the shop, after that home, so long.

22nd of May 2011

It is (A VERY BAD DAY!!) had an argument with parents last night just before I go to sleep :'(.
They don't want me to go to London in summer holiday with mates :(.
Now am doing college work and I am really upset :(
I am going to meet by girlfriend in a bit.
Then after that I am going to do some maths revision.....
So sad :(

21st of May 2011

I had a crazy night last night...no more to say :D
Now I am well tired, didn't have enough sleep and I had to go to the shop at half past nine :S

I stayed at the shop till 8 that's when I closed it, did some college work there and now I am off to sleep :D.

20th of May 2011

I woke up thinking 6 more days for my birthday :D
I got ready then went to college, had a fun day to be honest.

After that I went to the shop then I went home...now I am getting ready to go out tonight :D...

the rest of this day will tell it tomorrow.....

19th of May 2011

I woke up at 8 got ready then went to Illa's lesson to help with some work...I didn't stay there for long because I had to meet my girlfriend because she took my memory stick yesterday and all my work on it :S.

After that I went to Chris's lesson we stayed there for 3 hours.....after that I went to the shop and then home, did some college work, watched a movie and then went to sleep :D.

18th of May 2011

I woke up at 11 and the first thing I thought of was my English exam :S

I went to college at 12 because my exam was at 1.30, I did some revision there with few mates, then I went to the exam I answered all the questions, after that I meet my girlfriend I stayed with her for like 5 hours.

After that I went home talked with my family for a bit then I went to sleep :D .

17th of May 2011

It's Tuesday, I have no college :D

but we still need to go and do some extra work :(

I woke up at 7 am :(( then I went to the GP after that I went home got changed to go to college to speak to few tutors about the assignments, I meet Danielius and we went to speak to our tutors, after that we went to the library to do some work, we stayed there for 2 hours then I went to the shop.

After that I went home and did some college work and went to sleep :D.

16th of May 2011

It's the 16th of May....10 more days for my birthday (I cant wait) :D, sad at the same time because I have an English exam today :S.

I woke up this morning, had a breakfast and went to college at half past 8, I got to college at 8:55 five minutes early :D woow.

I went to the exam room, I took the exam, it wasn't that bad to be honest, I hope that I come out with a C this time.

I took a long break with Job and Danielius, we went to town to MacDonald's as usual then back to college.

We had a long, boring lesson from Jerry :D for 3 hours, but us three left half an hour early because I had to go to the hospital emergency because of the cyst on my back and it was hurting :'(, my girlfriend decided to go with me...we stayed there for 3 hours. then my dad came and picked us up.

I got home, laied for a bit then I went to sleep.

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